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Native BlackBerry® 10 app that puts secrecy first featuring advanced settings that help you snap photos or shoot video without attracting unwanted attention.


Time-Lapse Timer - Simply adjust set an Amount of photo's to snap, Seconds to Delay & Interval between. A countdown lets you know how long is left before the picture is taken, Optionally enable a beep or vibrate when needed.


Incognito - 4 Stealthy modes you can enable to make it seem as if there is no camera running at all!



  • Automatically Silent (adjustable)
  • Automatically No Flash (adjustable)
  • Icons let you know if any sound is on
  • Adjustable Timer Options
  • Stop Timer Button
  • Can take multiple photos
  • Can take photos with a delay
  • Can set interval(delay) between shots
  • Countdown Beep & Vibrate (optional)
  • Save to SD Memory
  • Pinch to zoom Camera
  • Draggable Focus Indicator lets you know when the camera is focused
  • Preview Last saved photo
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